July 28, 2011

Jake's Baby Shower

I love baby showers! I love seeing Moms excited and friends sharing advice and horror stories. It reminds me of how cyclical life is... at baby showers we always talk about the same things, worry about what our pregnant friends worried about before us and share gifts we've given and received before. It reminds you everything will be okay- someone has solved your parenting challenge or you will solve it for the next friend.
I loved sharing with our friend Cristina (in purple) at her baby shower last weekend. I remember Cristina and my first conversation about her wanting a little one, the subsequent conversations about how hard it is to wait, and then the joy that a baby was on the way. Now, we only have a few more months until Jake is here and Cristina joins the circle of motherhood.

Congratulations friend!

Cathy (next to Cristina) is also due this fall- with her first girl. I have lots of accessorizing advice to share with her. She needs it after 2 boys! And, Andrea isn't abnormally tall! Us three other girls look short :)

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