July 25, 2011

Meet Dorothy

For many months we've been talking about getting Abby a fish for her room. The deal was that she could have a fish in her room when her dresser didn't need a changing pad, which meant she was fully potty trained. After sleeping without a diaper for the past 2 weeks and not having more than a handful of accidents, Saturday was the big day!
We even had a special shirt for the special day! The pet store employee was perfect for us and knew what a big deal it was. He asked us a few basic questions and then let Abby really make the decisions. She picked purple gravel for the base, a coral display for the bowl, and selected a round bowl instead of the bowl that is flat on two sides.
We named our fish Dorothy after the goldfish in Elmo's World. She likes to check on her by sitting on the dresser. I had to verify first thing this morning that Dorothy was sleeping. She wasn't moving.... but I now have been told what a dead fish will look like :)
I'm so proud of Abby tackling potty training without much trouble at all! I am amazed this stage of our life has passed. Go Abby!

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