July 31, 2011

12 Years of Marital Bliss

Marcus and I are celebrating 12 years today. We are in Fort Worth with Abby having a little post-conference (I've been working in Dallas all week) getaway. We are eating at new and fun restaurants, visiting the zoo, swimming at the pool, and enjoying family time.
I am grateful every day that God made Marcus just for me and that he valued me enough to ask me to be his wife. We truly are happily married, but I'll admit parenting a toddler makes a happy marriage hard work! We are both so focused on her in the few hours we have as a family at the end of long days at work that once she is in bed we are both spent and enjoy quiet time with TV, video games or crafts. We love when we get time away from Abby or from work to just spend time together and remember why we chose each other in the first place. I still like him :)
I won't believe anyone who tells me a marriage takes on more stress than in the baby and toddler years. I won't believe you. This is a short season in a beautiful life and we are both trying to be the best employees, friends, parents and spouses we can be! Some days we do really well and others we go to bed ready to do better the next day!
I love the look back and see how we have grown and changed. You see the physical changes in these photos, but we see so much more.

Marcus, Happy 12th Anniversary. I love you more today than ever before and have so much joy living my life with you. Thank you for your love, your guidance, your respect, and your devotion to me and Abby.

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NanaTJ said...

Hope your day was filled with making many memories...To a great couple...and thanks for sharing Abby Lu with me...I love you, Nana TJ


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