July 22, 2011


Last Friday was green day at Abby's school and everyone was asked to wear green. Abby and I discussed green is the color of her favorite- peas! She was excited to wear green.
After school, we went to dinner at O'Leander cafe, on 183 just north of Crystal Falls. It is so good- go if you haven't! It is what a small town cafe should be. Same people serve you every time because they own the place! They have a basket of toys for the kids, the best lasagna in the world, and this green pie that we love, pistachio cream! So good. We all shared a piece making it virtually fat free ;)

1 comment:

Caroline and Madeline! said...

Be glad they serve food...Madeline has to wear the color and the food we send is supposed to be the same color. Challenging for silver :)


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