July 19, 2011

Sunday Morning

My little girl is becoming a big girl in so many ways. We no longer sit in a highchair, we prefer a booster. We like to drink out of a regular cup and rarely spill. We don't wear a bib much at all. We know how to operate the iPad and have our own You Tube channel of favorites. We have memorized our first scripture (with a little prompting) and can tell you where it is in the Bible.
We have opinions about our clothes- no dress today Momma or a bow no pony please. We can play solo and make up games and songs to entertain our self. We sleep without a diaper, on a big pillow with a real blanket and wake up in that same position. We throw away our own trash and can put on our own shoes. We prefer the big girl potty to the little one.
With all that said, you can't blame me for secretly loving the fact that Sunday morning at church, Abby threw a fit like a little baby to stay with her Momma. She wanted me to play with her and rock her and didn't want to let me "go learn about Jesus".
I gave in for a few minutes and experienced the joy of holding my baby.


Mimi said...

I know the feeling. She's moving away (slowly), but still needs Momma and Daddy and will for a long time!

The Gumpls said...

She will always be your baby no matter how big she is! She is so beautiful!!!!!

Tabriah said...

Sniff, sniff...this one was a tear jerker..must get a tissue..


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