July 16, 2011

The Details

I can not fully express for you how much I feel God in my decision to stay home. I don't know if I am just more aware of his work in my life right now or if in being obedient He is working out little details that I may have forced in the past to get my way. Let me give you two examples.

One of Abby and Marcus' favorite times in weekday mornings when they have coffee and breakfast at Starbucks. They have done this for 2 plus years at our local Starbucks. They both love it, but it didn't make sense in our new plan. We don't need to spend $2 per day on coffee and Abby doesn't need to get up at 6:45 and leave the house. In the 2 years they've gotten to know the staff there and Abby talks about Mary, Josh and Kelly regularly.
Over the past few months: Mary, Josh and Kelly have left Starbucks, Abby has shown less interest in going and prefers to lay in our bed and watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Marcus' office has a new and really nice coffee station. Every concern has been answered and it has nothing to do with anything Marcus or I could have solved or changed.

Our other big issue has been the gym. I want to join a gym- I've not been in a gym since Abby was born because I wasn't willing to give up the 3 hours per day I have with her. Staying home, I have so much more time, I feel like it is time to get in shape and Abby will love the change of scenery a few times per week. I wasn't in love with the idea of Gold's Gym where Marcus is a member. It seems like a guy's gym to me :)
Problem solved: Our friend Carrie told us about the local YMCA and Marcus toured it yesterday. It has a gym, but so much more! Abby can take swim lessons and dance classes there, they have a crazy cool swimming pool, an epic (to quote Marcus) kids area, and they even offer babysitting hours once a month as part of your membership. Yea for date night! All that for $5 more per month! When he toured it yesterday, one of the new workers is a girl from Starbucks that left our store recently. How neat is that!

I love seeing how God is transforming our surroundings to fit our new life and I'm not having to make our life fit our surroundings. I have one more week in the office, one week at a conference, and then I am part time for 3 weeks to train and hand off my work. I can't wait!


Brian, Carrie, Addison & McKenna said...

Yeah I am so glad you joined the YMCA! Maybe we can setup a time to workout together, I need some motivation! I love how God has worked through all the details, it is a very amazing testimony.

NanaTJ said...

Isn't God grand!!! I am so happy that this is all working out for you guys! Work for God and he will work for you...Nana TJ


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