July 13, 2011

Visit to the State Aquarium

After touring the hotel and convention center on Saturday, Marcus, Abby & I set out to see the Texas State Aquarium. What a cool place! It is like a zoo focused solely on water animals! Lots of indoor viewing space to keep cool and shows and exhibits all throughout the day!
They recently added a splash pad at the aquarium! You enter on the 2nd floor and walk on a bridge over/above the splash pad! There is water flowing above the entrance and splashing down the sides.
We saw sea turtles, sharks, jelly fish, sea otters, blowfish, and so much more!
The splash pad was also lots of fun! Tubes to run through, small springs of water and even a giant bucket that overflowed onto the kids every few minutes!
Abby had an awesome time! We spent a little more than 2 hours there and were so excited for the dolphin show; however, we didn't realize how popular it would be, got a bad place to stand in the back and right when it should have started Abby had to potty! So, we went potty and headed back to the hotel pool!

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