July 17, 2011

Pool Play Date

Saturday afternoon we met our friends Katy and Ike at their awesome apartment pool for dinner and swimming. Abby loves Katy and Ike- she morphed them into one person "KTIKE" this weekend. She had fun in the pool fountains, with the puppies down at the pool, and lounging! We went to the pool about 4:30 so it was not real crowded, the water was warm from the heat of the day and nobody got sunburned!
Katy's best friend Nicole just moved to Texas and she joined us at the pool. Abby has talked about Nicole nonstop! Nicole showed Abby a picture of her dog Winston on her iPod and now when Abby has Marcus' old iPod, she shows it to us and says, "see my puppy". There is nothing there :)
After swimming, Abby got to meet Finley who is the Maltepoo dog of Katy and Ike. She giggled, clapped and danced with glee as Finley fetched the little animal Abby threw for him. So much fun!

With all her love for KTIKE, we'll have to keep the fact that we are going to Mexico for their wedding from Abby. She'll be so sad!

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