July 03, 2011

Still Working on It...

... our new back patio that is!

I knew I wanted a bid red umbrella on the new patio, but I wanted them to go on sale! I didn't think I'd get one until August, but for the holiday weekend they slashed prices and I jumped on it! I love that we can move it around and that it covers both the love seat and the chaise lounge at the same time!
We also added some new flowers this weekend. We are trying out a few that were recommended to us for drought resitant and that called for full sun since the patio isn't shaded.
If these don't die (and get returned to Lowe's) in the next few weeks, we'll spend the time to plant them in the ground!

We are having some friends over on Monday and I'm thrilled that we have seating for all 6 adults outside! We've been working on our ability to entertain outdoors since we three families got together in camp chairs last year!

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