July 08, 2011

New Things

Abby has done a few new things recently that I want to record for posterity....

We drink out of a regular cup at meal time- no bottle, no sippy cup, no lid and straw. Just turn the cup up and drink!

We tried corn on the cob and love it!
We have discovered Mommy and Daddy's bed and love to watch Mickey Mouse in bed in the morning. I like this because it will give me 30 minutes of quiet time to get ready in the mornings when I am home with her. She likes to have our 4 pillows plus the 5 additional pretty pillows surrounding her.

We like our new Melissa and Doug puzzles. I wanted her to have more educational toys in the house for the fall and bought her letters, numbers and colors. She can do the numbers and colors perfectly, but needs help on the letters. We also bought her these, but are saving them for an upcoming road trip. I think she will love them on her lap desk in her car seat!

Have a good weekend!

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