August 02, 2011

Celebrating 12 Years

Marcus and Abby met me in Dallas ( I worked my annual meeting all week!) on Sunday, our 12th wedding anniversary. We had made plans to spend 2 nights in Fort Worth to celebrate our anniversary and take Abby to the FW Zoo.

Can you tell how wound up this little girl was? She was so excited to be out of the car, see Mommy, get new toys, and have a big bed with a mirror for jumping and dancing! We all secretly prayed the nice restaurant we had picked for dinner was as kid-friendly as we needed!
We took our annual anniversary picture in the hotel lobby. I love looking back at these pictures and am so glad we started this tradition. I hope Abby can appreciate it when we are old and gray.
We ate dinner at Tillman's Roadhouse in a trendy new area of FW, much like 2nd Street area in downtown Austin. The decor and atmosphere deserves a blog post on it's own, but it was funky and casual and perfect for our anniversary and Abby! She ate most of the most expensive kids' meal (grilled cheese- $8) we've ever served her!
The food was wonderful- popcorn with pepper and truffle butter is brought to the tables. We also had cornbread in the skillet and Marcus had a salted salmon with black-eyed peas. My chicken fried tenderloin was amazing! It wasn't a chewy cut of flattened steak. It was thick and tender and divine!
After dinner we walked across the way to Paccuigo for ice cream. They have the best flavors anywhere! We had raspberry milk (Abby), Banana Cream Pie (Anna), and Red Velvet Cake (Marcus).
We had a low key anniversary celebration, but a joyous one with the little girl that makes our marriage more beautiful. Happy 12 Years Mr. Jenkins!

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