August 30, 2011

Abby Said What: Poop and My Finger

Marcus and I died laughing on the way to dinner Friday night.
From the backseat, Abby says, "Daddy, do you need to go poop?"
Marcus nicely replies, "no baby I don't need to go poop"

Abby then says, "but Daddy, I smell you."

For the record, it was a skunky smell outside the car, but I love that she assumed it was him!

She also has gotten into the habit of pointing to things that she wants us to see; however, she hasn't quite figured out how that works because she is always telling us, "look what is on the end of my finger" instead of "look at that dog across the street I am pointing at". You end up looking at her finger and trying to decide what she is pointing at. Silly girl!

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