August 17, 2011

My New Boss

I spent Tuesday with my new boss. I think she likes this new arrangement. She is seriously such a good and easy kid with us. It is a whole 'nother story at school right now. I don't know if she dislikes school, it is too chaotic, she is easy for us because we give in too much.... I can't figure it out. We get bad reports at school 4 of 5 days. It is things like didn't listen, wouldn't clean up, threw a fit, or didn't nap and woke up other kids. On top of that, she is having accidents and biting herself- they say for attention. I just don't know- I think it is stress.
After working out Tuesday morning, we had an early lunch at Taco Cabana. She wanted a cheese quesadilla for lunch. I was happy to go to TC- their brisket tacos are wonderful and relatively low in calories.
While she napped, I ran around like a crazy woman! I washed sheets, cleaned up, boiled chicken for dinner, and did some work. I can be really efficient when time is short!

After nap and a little TV time, we went to the new nearby pool we discovered. Veterans Memorial Park is amazing- I wish we had swam there earlier this summer!
They have the cutest little toddler slides and Abby can climb up the stairs to get on them by herself and then slide solo. The landing area is soft and less than knee deep. It was perfect for single-parent chaperoning. We loved it!
Tomorrow Abby is going to see my Mom and sister and her cousins. She has talked about it all week and I know she is going to be so excited!

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