August 14, 2011

Our Week

I was home with Abby on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Tuesday morning we watched Mickey Mouse in bed and the decided we wanted to swing in the backyard. Since it was before 9 AM, it was cool and nice to just be outdoors. Working full time, we haven't been able to be in the backyard in months due to the weather!

We worked on our puzzles while we ate breakfast. Abby has gotten really good about knowing her letters and placing them in the right slot. She can get about 40% of them without help. We learned on Tuesday that the letter M and the letter W look very similar. She likes to take her fish puzzle and mix up the colors- she calls them "silly fish".
I had a meeting for my real estate job and Abby was wonderful. She played with her iPhone for an hour and only bothered us once. I am grateful she behaved and I was able to have a real meeting without lots of distractions. After my meeting, we had lunch at Chick-fil-A. I have found that the chicken salad sandwich with fruit doesn't give me a headache.
We had also spent a good deal of time at home just playing! Abby loves her little kitchen from Christmas in 2009. On Tuesday afternoon, it served as a changing table for Foofa. She had an accident ;) Abby is still doing well with her big girl bed- she doesn't get out even though she is physically able to crawl up and down.
Thursday morning I took her to her first movie- Winnie the Pooh. She did amazing, likely due to the "small" bag of popcorn! She sat in her chair or my lap the entire 69 minute movie. We have talked about Pooh a lot over the past few days.
I am so grateful my career has led to this. I don't think I would have appreciated my time with Abby if I had started as a SAHM. I would have always wondered where my career would have gone or how she would have turned out with 5 years of daycare. I also know that had I gotten pregnant the first month or even first year, we wouldn't be where we are right now. I would not have the professional experience to be able to stay home or the financial ability to do it. I hope I can remember this time fondly, a time when the Lord knew best and provided beyond what I could have hoped or imagined.

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