August 24, 2011

I Can't Walk

Today has been an interesting day... I was supposed to work today. Friday is my last day, but ended up home with Abby and at the pediatrician this morning.

While I was in the shower and getting ready for work, Marcus and Abby watched Mickey Mouse clubhouse. When it was over and Abby was dressed, she got off the bed and couldn't put any pressure on her right leg. We thought she had tweaked it a little and rubbed her knee all over, made her bend and straighten her leg, point and flex her toes, etc. Nothing hurt her... then she went to stand again and fell to the ground and complained. After an ice pack and trying to figure out what was wrong for 30 minutes, we called the doctor and had an 8:15 appointment.
They did the same things we had done- it only hurts when she bears weight on it. So, Abby is on Motrin 3x per day, taking it easy, and if she can't walk on Friday morning, they will do blood work to test for an infection and x-rays to look for a fracture of some kind.

We have no idea if she hurt it in the night, getting dressed this morning or possibly when Marcus moved her across the bed. She never complained until she stood up to walk.

Please pray she is 100% better when she wakes up in the morning and no additional tests are needed.

1 comment:

Tabriah said...

I will be praying that tomorrow she stands without pain and she doesn't have to have any more testing. Peace be with you and your family.


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