August 28, 2011

Celebration Dinner

We had a celebration dinner Friday night, after my last day of work in the office. It was surreal to change my voicemail, shut my office door, and drive away at 4:55 Friday. I was so excited to pick up Abby. I have never seen her in such a good mood!
I feel like she knows so much more than we think. When I told her it was her last day, she said, "No school. No church. No Starbucks. I get Mommy all day." I love her honesty- we'll just have to work on the church part. ha!
She also told her friend Eva's Mom at storytime on Saturday when asked about staying home with Mommy, "Yes and I love it". Amazing.

We had a fun celebration dinner with a strawberry mojito, hummus, pizza, and ice cream for dessert. Every celebration needs ice cream to be legit!

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