August 26, 2011

My Last Day

Today is my last day in the office, possbily for the rest of my life. I thought I'd do a little list of things I will miss and things I won't miss.

Working part time from home, I will most certainly miss:
  • Work Clothes. I love a good pair of black pants, a fun top, and black heels. I'll have to save those clothes for church and a nice date night.
  • Lunch Hours. I could run 4 errands and grab lunch on my lunch hour. I'll miss the productivity that comes from being alone. I'll also miss long lunches with old friends or Marcus at sit-down restaurants that don't serve kids meals or have a playground. I am hoping to fit these in while Abby is at MDO (Mother's Day Out) every now and then.
  • Sick Days. Yea, I haven't seen those covered in my new benefits package. I'm guessing they look like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathons on the couch.
  • Uninterrupted Time. I spent a lot of time quietly at my desk at work. I got my job done and had time to look at Facebook, the news, blogs, etc. I might sit down for 5 minutes in a row at my new desk when Abby isn't napping or at MDO.
  • My Paycheck. Marcus and I have been fortunate to have made a nice living and I've enjoyed buying what I want just about anytime I've wanted it. We've always had a loose budget until now. Getting paid every single Friday plus a bonus check each month is a thing of the past. We have to stretch our money and be smart with the extras.
But, I also know the rewards in my new job aren't measured in the same way and they will come through smiles, hugs, warm meals, and relaxing weekends for all of us. I won't miss:
  • Limited Time with Abby. In total, during the week, I was with Abby for about 3 hours per day. That is enough time to parent the basics- potty, dinner, bath, bed, but left little time for playing, projects or character building. It was really left up to her teachers at school and that has never sat well with us.
  • Weekends spent on the move. With such limited time during the week, I spent most Saturdays at the grocery store and most Sundays in the laundry room. I love the idea that after going out of town for the weekend, we can recover on Monday, not the next 3 nights after work.
  • The Unsettling Feeling of Trying to Do it all. I'm tired of being Mom, Wife, Employee, Boss, etc. I want my work to be reflected in my home, my marriage, and my child. I want to have the energy each day to invest in the people I most love and not prioritize the people who pay me above the people who love and need me.
  • Getting Up and Ready. I love that Abby and I can watch a little TV in the morning, snuggle until 9, eat breakfast in our jammies, and stay that way if we want to. I wake up early easily, but really prefer a few hours to fully wake up before I have to shower and get dressed.
I truly believe that in life you have time or money. Finding the right balance of the two can lead to a happy life. When one gets out of wack, life is out of wack. I know the Lord has prepared this path for me- I will learn to live with less money and will make the most of my new found time. I used to think my friends were crazy for driving across town to save $2. I get it now- I'll go on an adventure with Abby to save $2.

Satan has really attacked us this past month- in the area we most fear with this change- finances. We've replaced 4 tires, have 2 more to replace, spent close to $1000 on our AC unit, and I have an awful dental treatment plan that needs funding. While it is stressful I also know that this is God's will and that is why Satan is unhappy with me. He lost a playmate.

I expect good days and bad days. Temper tantrums and snuggle sessions. After 2 years of praying and 5 1/2 months of knowing today is the day, I am grateful, elated, and blessed beyond measure. Thank you for praying for this day with me!


Caroline said...

Congratulations. The Lord certainly has blessed your "previous" life and I know will bless your "new" life... all the while..You continue to bless OUR lives.

Ms. W said...

This is a decision you will never regret. :) Good for you!

CPY said...

I made a similar list when making the decision to stay at home as well. I'm so excited for you and your family!


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