August 28, 2011

Learn About Jesus

This Sunday was promotion Sunday at church and Abby moved out of the nursery and into the 2 year olds class. You move into your class for the school year once you are 2 and Abby wasn't 2 on September 1 of last year. She is in a new hallway and her new class has lessons each week, projects, and a fun soft play area to run around in!

We always tell her we are going to our classroom to learn about Jesus and this week we told her she got a new big kid room where she can learn about Jesus, too!
Her favorite teachers from the old class promoted with her, so she was excited and went right into her new room. With many of the same friends and teachers, it was an easy transition. I can't wait to hear what she learns and see her artwork each week. The volunteer during the second hour told us she was so talkative and funny. Glad to know she wasn't shy in her new setting!

I pray she learns about who Jesus is and how many He loves her each week.

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