August 07, 2011


Abby needed a haircut badly, so I picked her up on Friday a little early from school and we headed to our favorite Pigtails and Crewcuts. She loves playing in the store while we wait our turn!
Someone has fallen in love with Marcus' old iPhone! We try to limit her use to times when we really need her to sit still or be quiet. She did great getting her haircut because she had her Elmo videos and a Dum Dum.
I splurged $3 and added a piece of pink tinsel to her hair! They call it bling and they knot it into her hair just under the part. It is fun- I like it. I'm not sure if Abby has even noticed!
Here is her cute little stacked bob cut. I love that she has a classic little girl cut in the front and something more interesting and unexpected in the back.
I wonder how long I'll have a say in her hairstyle :)

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