August 15, 2011

Blog Brain Dump

I rarely do a blog brain dump, but since I was bad and only took one pictures this weekend, I'll give you a whole lot of nothing this morning!

  • We discovered a new city pool on Sunday afternoon 45 minutes before it closed. We'll back be soon, like tomorrow. Local friends, check out Veterans Park off New Hope, west of Bagdad. It had so many fun areas for kids Abby's age. We loved it!
  • Abby might be a fabric collector like my Mom. We went into JoAnn fabrics after lunch on Sunday and she didn't want to leave. She would discuss what prints she saw, the colors, and especially like the more formal shiny fabrics. Oh my!
  • Since joining the YMCA 2 weeks ago , I have worked out 3-4 times each week. I learned on Sunday afternoon that I am not lifting my legs enough and the pain in my ankle area is the muscles burning because they are working to lift my legs. I felt like I was galloping when I corrected that, but had no pain and did the fastest 2 miles I've done in years. Yea me!
  • I am going out of town this weekend for a bachelorette party and while Abby was napping I tried on a few outfits to decide what to pack. When Abby awoke, I was in a long dress. Abby said, "Momma, you got a new dress. I like it. You look pretty." Did God actually give me a 2 year old that speaks my love language?
  • Speaking of this weekend, Abby is staying at Tonda's house (my sister) with my Mom and sister, etc. and she talks about it nonstop. I love that I can leave my child with family and she gets a fun weekend, too!
  • Abby starts her Mother's Day Out program in September. I bought the school supplies on the list this weekend. She is going to have so much fun- modeling clay, playdough, markers, paint, construction paper, etc. I'm excited to see her artwork and to hear her learn Christian songs. She sings ALL.THE.TIME.
  • I have 5 days left in the office. Today, I am coding the bill from our program at the end of the July. The total bill could pay off my home. Always puts it in perspective. Yikes!
  • I need to get my head into the NFL season. I draft in 2 weeks and I have no clue who plays for whom or who got fat during the strike. I could learn more watching football tonight, but then there is Bachelor Pad. Oh how I love a good reality drama!
Have a great day!


Mimi said...

I LOVE hearing the details about what is going on with you, Marc and Abby! I am so glad that you and Abby are having such a good time at home. She learning so much.

Lapiz de la Guerra said...

I like the brain blog dump! You should do them more often. I was dying from laughter over your football dilemma. You are such a funny gal and I love that you are so passionate about so many things.


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