August 08, 2011

Abby Squared

Saturday afternoon we visited our friend Abby S. for her 3rd birthday party. Abby Lu was having so much fun playing with their names- I'm Abby and she is Abby?

I love Abby S. cheeks! Aren't they the cutest? Her family and ours are in church together. The girls have played in big groups together, but don't know each other well.
Abby loved that cupcakes were part of the party! She calls them birthday cake regardless of the occasion. She licked off a little icing and ate maybe 1/4 of the cupcake.
Skittles from the Curious George pinata was a whole other story- those were downed in seconds.
I was working hard to get a smile out of my pretty girl... when I did, she was moving and we got a blurry picture. But, I still love this serious face.
Happy Birthday Abby S!

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