September 29, 2010

21 Month Birthday

Seriously, can she get any cuter? We tried on glasses at Target while they adjusted mine and she was sad when they took them off. Oh honey, they are very likely in your future.
Cute from the top to the bottom- Abby loves wearing her new turquoise tennis shoes and socks. I rarely put socks on her, but with this cooler weather, she has worn and loved them.
Some things I don't want to forget about this stage:

Abby has learned to say "thank you Momma" and she does it on a regular basis without any prompting. The funny thing is that she has been prompted by me for so long that she says "thank you Momma" to other people who aren't her Momma.

She does a great job of verbalizing what she wants or needs. We ask her walk or carry, milk or water, applesauce or peaches, etc. I am hoping this is an early stage of empowering her to make decisions and feel confident in her abilities. It is all part of the Love and Logic parenting techniques we hope to use with her.

She currently loves to brush her teeth! She gets two small smiley face stickers when she does it. She will brush a little and then asks for "help please" and we finish for her. We also learned she is particular about which toothpaste she uses. ha!

We are still working on the potty. She has gone on it a few more times this week. Something about the process scares her and we are working on what that is. She has sat on the potty at school which is a big step. The funny thing, anytime someone else goes potty and she hears a toilet flush, she'll congratulate and high five them!

She walks and runs everywhere. She wants someone to hold her hand for steps, but is otherwise independent. She likes to walk most of the time. She loves shoes! She will find shoes around the house and bring them to us and will always comment "no shoes" if we are barefoot. I love shoes so it makes me happy that she does too! She has moved into a size 5 shoe which is still small, but much more inline with her age.

Happy 21 Months Abby! We love you!

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The Gumpls said...

blythe is laughing hysterically at this sweet girl!!!! Great picture!


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