September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyleigh

Kyleigh turned 9 on Sunday and we celebrated with a spa slumber party on Friday night. Abby and I joined her and my sister to help with the party.

The beautiful birthday girl!!!!
She talked about presents all night long and was so excited when it was time to open them. I am amazed at what gifts were a big hit- she loved baby dolls, but also more "teen" gifts. I will be there in just 7 years. Wow!
We gave all of the girls (12 I think!), manicures and pedicures. It was fun- they were so excited and all wanted white tips on their toes. Seriously, so grown up!
Can you tell these kids are cousins? Cohen (whom Abby calls Doe Doe instead of Coco) with his cousins Cayden and Addison. They were funny!
This little girl was a rock star! She only fussed when I wouldn't let her outside, but otherwise did so well. She loved running around with all of the girls, ate cake and ice cream after dinner, and went to bed without a fuss. She loves her cousins and a good party!
I left on Saturday morning and left Abby with my Mom and sister for the weekend. We had such a busy weekend that it worked out perfectly. On my way home I shopped the outlet malls for about an hour and then made it home for the big 2:30 PM games.

More to come on our weekend tomorrow! It was busy and I am tired!

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