September 30, 2010

Where in the World is Anna?

We haven't done a "gues-where-Anna-is-off-to" post in a long time.
Please comment and play along!
This morning my alarm went off at 3:30 AM so that I could get on this for a 6 AM direct flight.
When landing, I am likely to see this out my window. I expected cool weather, but it will be in the low 80's, just like in Texas. A car will drive me here which looks much prettier than most convention centers do.

I'll likely see something more like this on my 2 day trip where I'll be working a trade show floor hoping to get doctors interested and registered for upcoming conferences.

My one night in town, I will eat here which is one of my all time favorite restaurants. I have eatern here twice, once on business and once with Marcus for our anniversary. I wish they'd come to Texas! I'll be having sweet corn tamales and fried cheesecake in case you are curious.

BIG CLUE! I am hoping this fine young man decides to dine at Lime tonight as well because I would just love to meet him!

I have a feeling since it is September, he spends all of his time here. I wish I was in town through Sunday to catch a game. I have the perfect outfit!

This one isn't too hard- where in the world am I?


~kristi said...

Tebow was dead give away - Denver

Anonymous said...

We knew it was Denver with the mountains in the background... and of course the restaraunt. dad n jac

mary.mimi said... too..Thinking Denver..dreaming CO now thank you.


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