September 24, 2010

Home Gym

Marcus didn't make it to the gym the other night, so he decided to play with Abby and make her his workout buddy. At 28 1/2 pounds, she is a great little weight for him to use!
They did squats and full body lifts.
Can you tell how much she loved doing this?
He worked his arms holding her out one handed.
To make sure he was curling enough weight, Abby added Foofa and Bugs Bunny to the workout. She is a tough trainer!
Leg lifts were also lots of fun with Abby!
I love this picture, she was smiling in anticipation!
Oh to be little again
Thank you Da-Da
Who needs a gym membership?

1 comment:

Grammy Carol said...

I love the new workout. Keep it up!


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