September 06, 2010

Labor Day: Part One

This day has been so full and so fun that I need to make it two posts. We woke up this morning around 7 AM and enjoyed breakfast on our patio with this view. It was a beautiful cool morning. We have free continental breakfast, so it was pretty and free! We watched golf carts go by in our jammies and Abby waved at the cars driving up. Lots of people were checking out this morning.
We spent about 30 minutes at the pool and then got ready for the day. Abby had no idea where we were going, but she was ready to go bye bye! Fiesta Texas didn't open until 10:30, so we were first in line (almost).
Based upon her encounters with large costumed people at Barnes & Noble story time, we knew she'd have no fear of the characters at Fiesta Texas. She gave them hugs and high fives and had no hesitation standing with them for pictures.
Her lack of fear may cause us problems in a few years- she stared at all the big roller coasters just like this.... in awe and excitement. Um, no. Both Marcus and I are scared of these rides and she looked perfectly happy checking them out.
Because of her height, we spent most of our time in Wiggles World where Abby had to ride with an adult. She is so close to 36" tall, but not close enough. We loved experiencing rides with her.
Her very first ride- the Fruit Salad. They are in the purple car in the bottom of the next picture. Marcus is giving me a thumbs up that she liked it!
Next, we rode the red cars. She had a great time getting a little breeze and steering the wheel.
These swings are the only ride that scared her. When we really got going and you could feel inertia kicking in, she let go of the bar and snuggled into my side. She didn't cry, but wanted to make sure I had her. I just kept saying "wee" to remind her it was fun.
This little school bus was a piece of cake!
After the rides, we had lunch at the 50's cafe and saw a show in Wiggles World.
I don't have to tell you that music plus a crowd equals one dancing fool. We let Abby stand in the aisle and get some energy out!
When she decided to storm the stage and join Dorothy the Dinosaur, we had to reign her in and make her sit with us.
After the show, we headed back to our hotel room for naps. Abby fell asleep in the stroller on the way to the car, but only ended up sleeping an hour. She slept well until I placed her in the bed and then we just couldn't get her back to sleep. So, at about 3:30, we headed back to Fiesta Texas for more fun crossing our fingers we didn't have a cranky girl on our hands!

More Fiesta Texas pictures to come including a ride that scared Daddy and didn't bother Abby!


Anonymous said...

It is great to see Abby Lu growing through photos. Thanks. mmm

The Gumpls said...

Despite the crazy,crazy weather it looks like it turned out to be a great family vacation!!!!!! Abby looked like she had a great time in all the pics- stealing the show wherever she would go!


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