September 05, 2010

And, we're off!

We packed up and headed to San Antonio this afternoon to stay at our very favorite hotel- Westin La Cantera. We have visited every summer for many years, but this was our first time to travel there as a family of three. Our third family members requires a lot of extra stuff! I laughed because 4 of these 5 bags are monogrammed. Obsessed much? ha!
We left after Abby's nap and she did great on the car ride. Having a DVD player in the car is perfect for road trips. She watched Yo Gabba Gabba and Marcus and I got to carry on a long uninterrupted conversation. We went to the room, changed clothes and went straight to the pool.
Abby was able to stand in the kiddie pool so we spent most of our time in there. Being so shallow, the water was like bath water. We ventured to the regular pool once and it was cold!
After the pool, we got dressed and drove into San Antonio to eat dinner. Abby was drawing lots of looks in her big bow and tutu. God knew how much I wanted a little girl and I'm so grateful. We stopped off in the concierge lounge and was able to get Abby a full dinner of crackers, cheese, chicken and carrots. We packed it to take with us along with the applesauce we had brought.
We ate at La Paloma Blanca. I ate there in July with coworkers and the guacamole was the best I've ever had- it includes a fresh orange wedge squeezed on top. Seriously, so good! We shared an appetizer plate and chocolate Tres Leches cake. All tasty stuff.
Abby ate well too! When she was done, we had crayons, etch-a-sketch, Playdoh and her favorite pop-up books ready to entertain her. It always makes me nervous to take her to a nice restaurant, but she continues to act appropriately.

She is currently sound asleep in her crib in the hotel bathroom! It was the best way to put her down and give us a little more time. Tomorrow, we are exploring Fiesta Texas and heading back to the pool for more fun!

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