September 18, 2010

My Favorite Red Raider Fans

We decked Abby out in her Texas Tech gear for school on Friday. Her sweet shirt was a gift and I just love it. The bloomers that go with it are too small, but the shirt fits great. Her favorite teacher Ms. Brandis is a UT grad (Tech's opponent this week) and she called Abby her little traitor. ha!
Abby loves her Daddy!
In preparation for today's game, we put her in her little cheerleader outfit and suddenly my little girl became a big girl right before my eyes!
She went to story time at Barnes and Noble with Marcus this morning and he said people were just smiling at her and one girl even said, "I'm a Longhorn, but she is the cutest little Red Raider." I hope that my little Raider is victorious!
She has no idea what is at stake!
Fight Raiders Fight! Beat those Longhorns.

1 comment:

~kristi said...

oh my gosh, she does look like a big kid. Take that off and burn it (so she can remain a baby and all)


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