September 17, 2010

Slumber Parties

Abby has watched her fair share of Yo Gabba Gabba this week. I think coming off vacation she is just mentally exhausted after a full day at daycare and she wants to sit and just stare at the TV. I am letting her this week because I too want to just sit and stare at the TV after a full day at work. We normally sit by her, but instead used the time to make dinner last night and Abby laid out on the couch like she owned the place. Isn't this just the cutest?
Marcus said he envisioned slumber parties seeing her like this. I agreed. He then said slumber parties in like 2 years and I disagreed. I'm not ready for a bunch of 4 year olds in my house! I told him birthday parties are not slumber parties until like age 7. Am I wrong?


Tabriah said...

At least age 7...Unless times have changed...

Being Billingsley said...

7? We plan to put that off until she has her own place.



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