September 07, 2010

Labor Day: Part Two

We left Fiesta Texas and returned to our hotel room Monday afternoon with grand hopes of a tired baby taking a good nap. She did sleep for about an hour and we tried to get her back to sleep for another hour. We finally gave up and returned to the fun late afternoon.
Our first stop was the gift shop to make sure she got a souvenir. Abby had selected a Green Lantern doll and Bugs Bunny and eventually we all settled on Bugs. She likes bunny book read to her and likes to say, "hop hop hop." She has held tight to Bugs since he was purchased!
We then rode the train through the park and enjoyed seeing all the parts that we hadn't made it to yet. Abby had fun waving at the people on the crosswalks and sitting with us.
Next, we went to the Ferris Wheel which has always scared Marcus. He was unsure of Abby would do okay. Secretly, I think he wanted a way out! She was totally chill while he was a little more nervous on the ride.
She even enjoyed looking out the window to see how high up we were. ha!
Our last ride of the day was the Motorama. When it was over, Abby was signing "more" to Marcus. She did that on every ride, but those silly swings!
We went back to the room to shower and change clothes before enjoying a yummy Italian dinner at nearby Bravo. Abby downed her pasta, until we slipped a green bean inside the penne noodle and then we couldn't get her to take another bite.
We did finally get a picture of her praying. We've been working hard on this. If you tell her it is time to pray, she will get in this position and say, "thank you Jesus". We are working on adding "amen". It is so cute to watch.
Fun family day!

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