September 01, 2010

New Braunfels Farmers Market

Before going to my sister's house for lunch, we walked around the New Braunfel's farmers market with my Mom and niece, Kyleigh. It was such a cute small market with a great variety of inexpensive goods. Kyleigh is almost 9 and all about peace signs right now.
Every time we turned around there were families with dogs walking the market. Abby's face would just light up and she would say dog or woof. She also recently learned to pant like a dog. Practical stuff, here!
There was a small 2 person band playing and our little showgirl just couldn't contain herself. She broke into her favorite dance moves. They play music a lot at school and her daily log sheet often says, "Abby enjoyed dancing today". I have no doubt!
This little girl got in on the action with Abby. Her moves were much more sophisticated. Abby tried to learn a few things!
We bought a basil plant, homemade Spinach Basil spaghetti noodles, beef jerky, and some hairbows for Abby. Fun place to visit!

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