September 09, 2010

Cameron Park Zoo

Since we didn't go to Houston and San Antonio is underwater, we drove to Waco this morning to visit the Cameron Park Zoo. We had heard great things about it from our friends and it really was the perfect size, well laid out, and just plain cute!
We could not have picked a more humid day! It was about 90 degrees and almost swampy! It rained on us a few minutes after we had lunch, but was otherwise clear. The leftover rain from Hermine did leave some mud puddles including one that Abby fell right in! It warranted a full on sink bath and clothing change. As a Mom I should know not to put her in a brand new outfit for a zoo trip! It is washing now- fingers crossed it comes out clean!
Beyond the real animals, the zoo had fun things the kids could interact with. Abby sat in this monkey's lap and made monkey sounds. She even kissed his ear!
This lizard/dragon was cool- super scaly and with big nasty toenails!
Abby considered this pelican a duck and kept making her duck noise at him! She says a combination of duck and quack.
We took the stroller, but let her walk and run as much as she wanted or until she abused that right and ran away from us. It happened a few times! They had great open areas for her to just test us!
The fish areas were nice and cool so we spent some time in there. Although the reptile house was also cool, we hurried through that one. Her fish sound is really just opening and closing her mouth and making a clicking sound with her lips. With so many fish around, her little lips were going wild!
In the sea otter area, they had a slide that was engulfed in water. From this point, the otter could swim up to you, over or under you. From where I took this picture, they had rocking chairs and a covered area. It was a favorite spot of mine- we should have stayed here longer.
Abby loves alligators- she says chomp and has a full hand motion. So, this alligator didn't scare her at all- she knows nothing of scary animals. It freaked Marcus out that he was so close to her. We are probably lucky he didn't decide to show her his smile and scare her forever!
We had to take a picture with the Beaver which is my maiden name. Abby is 25% "beaver".
Lots of fun animals to see!
We'll be back at the zoo again next Spring for sure!

If anyone else is interested in it, it is just $8 per adult and kids under 4 are free. They have free parking and are on 4th Street just west off IH35. They also had a great little cafe where we had lunch with a good variety of food- the kids meal included animal crackers which I thought was a cute touch.

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Caroline and Madeline said...

Glad y'all liked it as much as we did! It really is a great zoo!


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