September 22, 2010

Fun Day at Home with Abby

Abby has struggled with a runny nose and nighttime cough since Sunday. After an increase in coughing last night, we decided to take her to the doctor today and just make sure it wasn't anything major. I called the doctor this morning and got a 10 o'clock appointment. I had to wake her about 8:45! She left for 13 hours. This girl's love of sleep may be the single reason we don't have another child. She is so great!
After a breakfast bar and milk with Gabba, we headed to the doctor. For the first time, she "got" the bead maze and laughed as they ran down the wires. Mind you, she has a horrible runny nose and rattle-y cough, but she is in a great mood!
We busted out the play-doh while waiting on the doctor and learned to make balls and roll and toss them. I heart play-doh. It is a special "out in public" treat and we have so much fun with it.
The verdict is non-allergic rhinitis. Abby isn't allergic to anything seasonal (was tested with the peanut scare) and has no infection. So, it is just a runny nose and drainage. Nice that it isn't serious, but also crummy that it is just part of her makeup and must run it's course.

We had a few minutes to kill before grabbing lunch and coming home so we ran into Target. Look what they have! I bought 4 boxes for Marcus and texted him in excitement. He loves this stuff like a little kid! So cute!
We came home, ate lunch and Abby has been napping for over 3 hours. It gave me time to do a little craft project and start decorating for Fall. Yea!

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