December 18, 2010

Birthdays and Baby Boys

This morning we went to Kiersten's 3rd birthday party. Kiersten's Mom and I went to school together, from 5th grade to sophomore year of college and are still great friends. Tabriah does a SUPER job with her girls parties - you always know she will carry out a theme perfectly, have awesome food, and great activities for the kids!
It was so nice having us all at the party! Last week, Marcus did some things around the house while Abby and I attended a party and I prefer the 2 adults to 1 child ratio so much better!
They had a large bounce house and a big slide in the backyard. Last time we tried a bouncey was this summer and Abby hated it. This time- she LOVED it! She got to practice her jump and falling down numerous times!
Once the bigger kids climbed the little ladder and Abby realized there was a slide- she wanted to go on it. Marcus did the first time with her and then she wanted to do it by herself.
She went down it at least 10 times. Marcus sat at the top to help her up and release her when she was ready and I was at the bottom to watch her glee and help her down. She had so much fun!
Next up, the sweet monkey pinata the kids had fun beating! They went youngest to oldest and it was broken by a strong 6 year old girl!
Abby took a couple of good swings at it. She would not let go of her candy bag while trying to hit the pinata. It hindered her ability just a little.
After Abby took a nap, we made dinner for our newest family member Read. He is just 16 days old and was so sweet. When we arrived he was quietly sleeping on a little blanket just under the Christmas tree. What a great gift his parents received this year!
He woke up before we left and my Mom held him. Marcus would prefer I not hold a newborn baby ;)
Read has 2 wonderful big sisters to love on him- Landry and Bella are truly two of the most well-behaved and kind little girls. We love seeing them.
After delivering chicken pot pie and cookies, we drove to eat BBQ for dinner and came home in time to put a very tired girl to bed!

Tomorrow, Abby will go home with my Mom until Wednesday. Mom is excited to have her and we are looking forward to football, long naps, dinner out with friends and converting part of Abby's nursery into her little girl room.

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