December 28, 2010

Over the River and Through The Woods

to Nana's house we go!

My Mom and Dad are busy working, getting ready for Christmas and making my bigger girl room, so I got to go to Nana's house for a few days. I was so excited riding in her car. I didn't cry when I said goodbye to Momma and Daddy, but they sure made a big deal about it. Wusses. I was so excited for my big trip that I fell asleep as soon as we left.
My first stop was Do Do's (Cohen's) 6th birthday party at the bowling alley. I got to eat cupcakes and it wasn't even snack time! Uncle Shaun tried to give me juice, but I told him "no juice!". I only like milk, water and Momma's sweet tea.
Nana and Kyleigh helped me learn how to bowl. My first time I ran after the ball and fell, but then I learned it'll come back and had more fun rolling it. I also got to see my Aunt TT on my trip. I like her a lot, especially when my Mom isn't around.
After we left the party, Do Do got in the car with us and we went to Nana's house. The next day we went and met her friend Cindy at the quilt store where she likes to go. I loved this cool bear in a highchair. I was extra careful not to mess anything up and listen to Nana.
We also got to play on the playground by Nana's house. I loved running around, sliding, and trying the big girl swings for the first time. I held on tight and didn't go too high to be safe.
The next day I visited with some of Nana's family which are my family, too! I met my Aunt Loretta and had fun at my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Cecil's house. They gave me a puppy that I have named Kaki after their puppy which I really liked. I had fun seeing my cousin Keri, swinging outside, and listening to Uncle Cecil play the guitar. I keep talking about them and hope my Mom takes me to see them again soon. My Mom said she is really proud of me for being a good girl since it was way past my bed time!
I was so tired the next day that I took an early nap while watching Gabba in Nana's chair. When I woke up, she told me it was time to go back home and I loaded up all my stuff with Nana. I was having so much fun, but my Mom and Dad missed me and were ready to see me again.
When we got home my Mom was waiting for my outside and she looked pretty happy to see me. She kissed me a lot and gave me big hugs.
Thanks Nana for letting me come and play! Since I was such a good girl, I'm hoping you will let me come back again soon!


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