December 16, 2010

Cake Balls

Have you heard of cake balls? They are yummy and Austin Cake Ball company has an amazing selection! One of my vendors brought me a holiday 6-pack of cake balls and we let Abby have a red velvet cake ball and a bite of the chocolate one after dinner.

Funny how something new like tamales, guacamole, green beans, fish sticks (I could go on forever) and she won't even consider it, but something new like a cake ball and it is in her mouth before I can get my camera!
She ate the red velvet quick and asked for more, but when we gave her a bite of chocolate, she spit it out. Hmmm, my child! I'm not a big rich chocolate fan. If it has mint or peanut butter, I like it much better.
We took a bath after cake balls and made sure we brushed our teeth extra good! Abby thinks this is the funniest joke... every single morning and night! That is her hairbrush ;) She'll do it, tell me "not right" and then brush her hair with it.
Much better Abby!
Thank goodness we like brushing our teeth. No battles here- we just let her sit on the counter, pick her toothbrush (green or purple) and she does a great job!

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