December 11, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Live

The day finally arrived... the day we had been waiting for since buying tickets 6 months ago... there was a party in our city finally today!

Yo Gabba Gabba is a kids show on Nick Jr with a cult like following. Adults love the celebrities that visit the show, the indie rock bands that play along, and the cool DJ Lance Rock. Kids love the characters- each seems relatable in some way and everyone has a favorite!

Abby's fav is Foofa, the pink super girly character. She carries her stuffed Foofa most everywhere and sleeps with her always. We were Foofa for Halloween and just recently outgrew a Foofa onesie. So, we ordered her a Plex shirt for this event. He is the friendly responsible robot on the show.
We arrived and Muno (from the Kia Superbowl commercials and YGG) was in the parking lot. I think Abby's first thought when she saw him was "Muno! Hmm, why is Muno here and not on my TV?" She was happy, but perplexed.
We went inside and bought a small stuffed Muno souvenir and found our seats. Just a few rows up from the floor on the side- it was perfect since there was only 1 other family in our row of 20 seats and less than 10 families in our section. We had plenty of room to stretch out.
YGG Live was like the TV show, but longer. It lasted about an hour and a half and featured the segments that appear on all shows and some favorites songs and parts from certain episodes. When they all came out like the show was starting Abby was mesmerized. She didn't smile, wouldn't talk to us, didn't even blink!
In every episode, there is a Super Music Friends show. This part features a band singing a song for kids. At YGG Live, it featured an African drum core. Abby knows a good beat and loved listening to the drums. No gifts please :)
Can you see her arms all excited! They were flailing about as she danced and pretended to be playing the drums.
We also had a balloon segment where the gang all danced with balloons. They wanted to share their balloons with the audience...
So, thousands of balloons dropped on the audience!
Marcus retrieved an orange one for Abby. She loves having a "babboon".
During the piece on loving your friends with hugs, Abby kept hugging herself!
By far, my favorite part of the whole show was Biz Markie! Do you remember him- famous rapper and beat boxer from the 80s? He does "Biz's Beat of the Day" on the show and he was in Austin! We all love him- he has taught Abby how to rap! He put on a great show. He even sat on stage and kids came up, said their name, and repeated sounds after him. He was amazing!
YGG teaches lots of social lessons to kids- germs, brushing teeth, sharing, being nice to others who are different, having manners, eating healthy, etc. There is an episode with a party in Brobee (green characters) tummy. They acted that part out with chicken, cheese, juice, carrots and green beans coming to the party. It was a fun addition!
We had an awesome time!


Melissa said...

So glad you guys had fun!

Mimi Carol said...

I'm so happy to see you posted so quickly. I've been anxiously waiting to hear how it went. I think Abby may have thought she was dreaming. I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wondering where you ordered her super cute plex shirt from? Thanks!

Christina said...

LOVE the Plex shirt, where did you order it from?


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