December 20, 2010


Abby and Ellie got to see each other during pick up at church on Sunday. We walked out to the cars together and tried to get a picture, but they were both unsure of themselves. Abby wanted to run toward moving cars and Ellie was having trouble standing. But, they were sweet and cute in their Christmas outfits none the less.
We also had our friends James and Ivan over for our Fantasy Football party. Abby loved having another little person eating at her table with her.
And finally, Friday was Abby's last day with Ms. Becky. We are enrolling her in a new daycare on January 3rd. It has bigger rooms, more toys, provides breakfast and lunch, and provides bus access to her elementary school. We are thinking ahead!
We will miss Ms. Becky. She does such a good job of making sure the kids do a creative project everyday. We always have something fun to see in her room. I know Abby will miss many of her friends- she names them when we pray or calls them on the phone by name regularly. New friends are just around the corner!

Abby is spending a few days with my Mom at her new places and then will be home with us until January 3rd when we go to the new school.


Brian, Carrie, Addison & McKenna said...

So sweet to see two miracle babies together!

Addison's school handles all the meals and it is so nice! All I do is drop off diapers and her cot blanket every week. I hope Abby enjoys her new school, I am sure she will transition quickly.

Have a Merry Christmas!

The Gumpls said...

Love the picture of these two friends! What a blessing it is for all this Christmas!


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