December 09, 2010

Now-Now Food

Abby has become Jean Grey's (aka Now Now or Kitty Now Now) feeder. She has been feeding her for months and does such a good job of remembering. We may even over feed the cat every now and then.

She gets the pitcher out of the pantry and carries it over to the cat's bowl.
She opens it up and asks for help to pour it.
Then, she carries it back to the pantry.
And, she sits it back where she found it.
Then, she closes the pantry doors.
I love that she has a "chore" to do at home and is learning about caring for others.


April said...

I love her top! It is so cute!!

Jessica said...

Too bad we don't live closer- we could craft up a storm together! : )

Mimi Carol said...

She walks so carefully with the food; it's easy to see that takes her job seriously. So sweet.


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