December 23, 2010

My Little Barista

So I've mentioned on here before that Abby and Marcus have breakfast almost every morning at our local Starbucks before he takes her to school. It fit into our schedule and gave them some time together in the morning. Since she visits our local store so often, Abby has made friends with the staff and they all know her by name, know where she likes to sit, what Marcus drinks, etc. This morning, Abby and Marcus went to Starbucks with a gift for Mary. She is the main cashier- she talks to Abby each morning and lets her play with a stuffed puppy dog that sits on her register.
Little did we know that the staff had a gift for Abby- they made her an honorary barista with her own red Starbucks apron. I could have cried! It is such a thoughtful gift, but also reassures me she is a joyous part of their work day and not an unruly toddler in their store.
With her apron on, she was able to go behind the counter this morning! It was clearly a slow day ;) I sure hope they know she will try to go behind the counter every morning!
With her puppy and a fresh lid, she was ready to serve.
Taking a little break for pumpkin bread after a hard shift at work. ha!
I am so grateful to live in a smaller community, for Abby to make friends with people, and for them to share something so thoughtful with our family. I'm thinking we'll be a barista for Halloween next year, too!


The Gumpls said...

that is too cute! She is such a lucky girl to have such a cool dada and mommy!

We are the Guerra's! said...

Oh my heavens, how sweet! I heart Starbucks just that much more. I've always loved their company philosophy and the fact that they made Abby an honorary barista is just too sweet! What a sweet story to share with her someday when she's older :o)


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