December 29, 2010

2nd Birthday Day of Fun!

One of the benefits of a holiday birthday is that we'll always get to spend the day with Abby. I'll never be traveling for work and she'll never be in school. As Abby would say, "I like that."

We woke her up at 6:45 this morning to start the celebration! She was a little concerned about the flash so early, but loved us singing to her. She told people all day, "it's Abby birthday". She was in a Junk Food brand shirt that said, "Little Miss Birthday" which peaked people's interest.
Her favorite food is doughnuts. So, we took her to Krispy Kreme for breakfast. She likes the same type I do, cinnamon sugar doughnuts. No icing, no filling, a little bit of sugary crunch. She had one of those, but the nice manager at KK gave her a special snowman doughnut with crazy icing. She had a few bites of it. They also gave her a birthday tiara. Something about this kid inspires people to give to her- I hope we can extend that for good.
After breakfast, we had her 2 year well check with no shots! Exciting. We love our pediatrician, she really sat down and talked with us. We discussed Abby's progress, our concerns about her eating habits, and her new school. Dr. Sperling even saw us signing in and came out to say hello to Abby and express her denial that Abby was already 2. We were one of her first patients when the practice opened.

Since this was a well check, we were given her 2 year stats (here are the 15 and 18 month stats). In the words of our esteemed pediatrician, Abby is a hoss!

Weight- 30 lbs. 10 ounces (90th percentile)

Height- 35.5 inches (90th percentile)

Head- 50.25 cm (off the charts!)
Her head is just 4.75 cm smaller than Marcus :)

She is healthy! It is so funny to me that she is so large. She is wearing 18-24 month clothing and the few 2T pants we own are too big and too long. Clothes are not a good indicator. Our only concern to discuss was Abby's lack of interest in most foods. She gave us some advice- toddler boot camp starts on January 3rd.

After her appointment, we ran into Target to pick up a few items and stopped in the optical shop since Marcus is entertaining the idea of new glasses. Look at these cute purple glasses Abby wanted to wear. She was just laughing with them on... until I tried to take her pic!
The day of fun continued to the mall where Abby rode the train for the first time...
.. and the carousel for the umpteenth time!
For lunch, we had her favorite grilled cheese. Fuddrucker's grilled cheese happens to also be one of my very favorite foods!
We came home and she took a nap. When she got up, we went to Starbuck's to visit a college friend of Marcus' and mine that was in town visiting his parents. John was student body president and I was his vice-president my last year of college. We haven't seen each other in more than 10 years. Fun to catch up! He is defending his dissertation and will be Dr. John Howe, soon.

On our way home, we grabbed dinner. After convincing Abby to eat 4 spoonfuls of peas for dinner, we busted out her little birthday cake. Since her birthday party is milk and cookies, it seemed silly to have a cake at her party. So, we had cake tonight with her.
She put her hand in it and started licking icing before she even blew out her little 2 candle. Remind me to keep her away from other people's cakes.
We cut her a piece and she ate all the icing, no cake.
A little hyped up on sugar! I love this expression- it really sums her up!
We always have so much fun being with you. You are spunky, friendly, funny and adorable. I love your new found vocabulary and dance moves. You are so smart and don't miss a thing. You love performing for us and your show never disappoints. I thank God each day for giving us a good one. I adore you!



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I hope it's a very long time before she needs glasses, but she will be adorable even with glasses.
What a fun day you guys had!


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