December 19, 2010

Goodness Abounds

Look at this cute little girl in her smocked Santa dress and lopsided pigtails! I've been holding this dress and was so excited to put her in it today. Smocked dresses can't be worn for much longer, but I just love them at this age. Fingers crossed it will fit again next year. Abby is loving pigtails right now and asks for them over a bow when asked. I sure don't mind.
She found the nativity at church this morning and went right to it kissing each of the people including crouching down with Baby Jesus. I love to see her forming an early relationship with Jesus.
Since my Mom was with us this morning, we snapped a quick family picture. To bad someone was over having her picture taken!
After lunch, we ate at Rosa's Cafe. It just opened this weekend in the 1890 Ranch shopping center near our home. We ate Rosa's in college, but didn't have one near us until the weekend. Goodness Abounds!
I always eat the #40- Combination Nachos. Add a few homemade tortillas with butter- heavenly!
Abby left this afternoon with my Mom to spend a few days. We are excited to work on her new room, take naps, and enjoy dinner out with friends while she is away. We know she is going to have fun seeing family, playing with Nana at the park and library, crafting and cooking.

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