December 11, 2010

Dancing with Daddy

This should be concerning- topless dancing on the table!
This girl loves to dance- we have our favorite dancing songs including Jesus Loves Me and Rock and Roll All Nite by Kiss. She also likes to dance to Daddy bee-boxing and the song they've made up that includes saying Dupa-Dupa-Doo repeatedly.

Here is video of her dancing and singing for your entertainment. It can be a little hard to understand, but if I say, "I..." she'll give you the "rock and roll all nite and party every day". We tried to replace it with something more kid-friendly and she won't have it. Yikes!

You can also here her rapping after we ask her what Biz (Rapper Biz Markie who appears on her Yo Gabba Gabba shows) says. Finally, she'll end the video spelling Abby, Dada, and Mama for you. Enjoy!


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