December 22, 2010

School Christmas (and Goodbye) Party

Friday afternoon I left work early to attend Abby's Christmas party. It also happened to be her last day at her daycare, so I wanted to say goodbye to her friends and teachers. Like all school parties, she starts out thinking it is time to go and then warms up to me staying provided I stay near her.
Look at all the treats they had for snack- we brought leftover homemade marshmallows my friend Jenny made for us. Abby loves them!
With all this yummy food, she elected to eat the sugar cookie with RED frosting. She ignored pretty much everything else on her plate. The RED frosting was the most fun!
Seriously, it was RED frosting!
This one makes me laugh- she is cross eyed looking at her hand.
Abby had a great time sharing yummy treats with her friends. We said goodbye to her teachers, friends and parents with sadness and excitement. We are sad to leave the teachers Abby had loved and sad that she'll likely be very confused when we take her to a new school after the holidays. I know she'll miss many of her little friends that we talk about all the time! But, we are also excited about bigger classrooms, more toys, provided meals, no more sippy cups, and the growth opportunities her new school presents.

She spent the first part of this week with my Mom and then I am off starting today. She'll start the new school (with lots of first day of school pictures) on January 3rd.

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