May 16, 2010


This is frozen hot chocolate. This is to die for. This is addictive. This in daily consumption hurts my belly. This completes me. This is divine. This is worth coming to Las Vegas for. Serendipity is a fun cafe outside Caesar's Palace and the original is in New York. Remember the movie with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack? Along with frozen hot chocolate my friend had the Fried Oreo Sundae with cookie and cream ice cream inside. Heavenly!
They had the cutest decor- love the sundae topiary outside. Everything inside was like a 1950s soda shoppe with pink, orange, black and white tiles and big chandaliers. Loved it!

No joke- they have a $1,000 sundae on the menu. It has 5 scoops of Taihitian vanilla, Venezuelan chocolate, all the toppings and real gold leaf! Wow- I'd have to win really big on the slots to want to spend $1000 on a sundae!

Next time you are in Vegas, visit Serendipity!

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