May 24, 2010

Post Las Vegas Time Off

I had Thursday and Friday off work after being in Las Vegas last week.
Thursday was my personal day including lunch with Marcus, a facial and pedicure and ordering my iPad. Friday was my fun day with Abby and it included many of her favorite things! We had a late breakfast at Chick-fil-A with our cousins Kristi, Landry and Bella. All three girls went down the big slide! It was a first for Bella and Abby. Abby didn't want to play up top much and enjoyed walking on the padded ground and playing with my keys, one of her new words.
Late that afternoon, Daddy took us to the neighborhood pool, our first trip this summer! What a difference a year makes! Abby walked into the pool all decked out in her gear!

Look at these sweet feet and her flip flops!

She wanted to walk in the baby pool and wasn't the least bit fearful of the water or the cold! I was freezing with water up to my knees and she was waist deep and just smiling!

Swimming lessons are going to be such fun next month!

Love her swimsuit! We bought a 2T this year because I hate getting a tight wet suit on and off and I'm so glad I did. It fits just fine although 18 month clothes fit her. I love the little leg ruffles. Daddy is opposed to a bikini on babies, so we have a couple of cute one piece suits for this year.

After the pool, we came home and grilled pork tenderloin for dinner (love the HEB seasoned pork) and then Mom watched Abby so we could go to a late movie. We saw IronMan 2 which was really good. It is one of those rare comic book movies that I am willing to see. I love Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts.


Tabriah said...

Kiersten has that hat and the matching dress. It is fun! I love her bathing suit! Matt doesn't like two pieces on babies either...I think they just don't like them on their daughters. :) I did buy Kiersten a tankini this year for one of her swimsuits...I had too, it had lady bugs on it.
Glad you had two fun days!

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

Oh, we did the sprinkler for the first time the other day (post to come soon)!! He wasn't sure at first ... then loved it! hehe


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