May 29, 2010

Happy 17 Months

Our sweet spunky funny little girl is 17 months old today! She is growing and changing everyday and amazes us with the amount of new things she can learn each day.
She loves to swing and can say and sign the word. She knows when we pull into the parking lot at our local parks and gets so excited. She repeatedly says "Yeah" and kicks her feet! She can swing for.ever. We get tired of pushing her and being outside long before she is done. The opposite of the "Yeah" we get upon arrival is kicking our feet and saying "no" and "more wing" when we leave. With Abby, you always know where you stand ;)
She has the fairest of skin- it is just beautiful. We are doing all we can to protect our little fair child who loves to be outdoors. She smells of sunscreen daily as they spray her down at school everyday just to take her to the playground.

We have discovered our tongue and like to put it on one side of our mouth and just leave it there. We thought it was to combat teething, but now we think she just likes it. Abby can point on herself and you the following: nose, ears, eyes, teeth, tongue, cheeks, arms, hands, belly, knee, feet. She likes to just randomly say nose and poke at yours while you hold her.

Yo Gabba Gabba is a big hit in our house still. She can say Gabba and Foofa (a character on the show). We bought tickets to see them when they come to our town in December. I can't wait to see her squeal with delight when she discovers Foofa is 6 feet tall and in front of her.
As of about 1 week ago, we are a walker! Finally! Girlfriend was getting heavy! We are now at the point where she elects to walk and goes to a standing position before thinking about crawling. This also gives her more opportunity to flop down in protest when Daddy leaves the room she is in. ha!

We love bows and shoes! She can say shoe and some morning those go on before her pajamas come off. We are wearing some size 3 and some size 4 shoes. Her foot is slowly catching up to her body. Her very favorite shoes are her Twinkle Toes. I splurged (they were on sale) and decided they would be her walking shoes. No regrets!

Abby is wearing size 18 month - 24 month clothing. Her head and her belly are just too big for size 12 -18 month clothes! Her swimsuit is a size 2T. I just can't mess with a tight swimsuit coming on and off all summer long.

We are madly in love! Can you tell?
Abby is also good at showing love. She practices nice hands on us and the cat regularly by rubbing your arm softly and saying "nice". She also can show love by putting her head on your shoulder and saying "awww". We are working on hugs and proper kisses. If you say "I Love You" Abby will respond with something similar to "lol lu". It melts my heart. We are also beginning to say "pease" without being asked. It is often followed by a big grin to confirm her request. Love it!


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