May 30, 2010

Retro Kids Chair

Thanks to my girlfriend Tabriah, we now have a small outdoor chair for Abby that matches our red retro chairs! Everywhere I had looked the chairs looked like kid chairs. With floor to ceiling windows in our living room looking onto the patio, I didn't want a Barbie chair! Look at this little girl trying to be just like her Daddy!
She watched him put screws in the holes and practiced with her screw over and over!

She didn't want to let it go when he needed it at the end!

Once she realized it was a chair, she wanted in it immediately and it was still being put together!

Aaah, finally, my new chair!

We just love it! Now we all have a place to sit and Abby can get in and out of hers much easier! If you are looking for a chair, they are under $20 and found here.


Anonymous said...

Very cool looking for the summer !!
dad n jac

Tabriah said...

Glad she likes her new chair!

Being Billingsley said...

I LOVE THIS KID!!! She looks adorable in her little chair.


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