May 25, 2010

Weekend with Grammy and Nana

Marcus' Mom came into town this weekend to celebrate Mother's Day and Marcus' upcoming birthday. We enjoyed our time together playing dominoes, eating yummy food and watching Abby entertain us with her new words, wobbly walking and fun antics! She was a little cranky on Saturday because her ear was still bugging her, but was much more fun come Sunday! To kill time Saturday morning before Grammy arrived, my Mom and I hit up a garage sale and then walked the outlet mall with Abby. That girl loves to be outside with her stroller! We let her ride a few rides- Garfield was a big hit!
After Grammy arrived we had lunch and Abby decided to color with ketchup. Who needs crayons when ketchup on a french fry is so much more fun!

Sunday we had a late breakfast and while Grammy drove home and Abby napped, Marcus and I did a little more landscaping. It was such a pretty day!

Thanks for visiting Grammy and Nana!

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