May 21, 2010

Ears and Aha Moments

We took Abby to the doctor this week to check on her runny nose and nighttime cough. It appears she has a cold and that has led to another ear infection! Ugh- poor girl! Since it is #4, we are watching her closely and another ear infection will likely lead to tubes. I'm not at all worried about tubes if it comes to that. It is such a common procedure now. Part of the tube discussion is that Abby is allergic to a class of antibiotics (rash) and it makes giving her antibiotics regularly for an ear infection problematic later.
While we waited, I pulled out the doctors Magna Doodle and Abby had so much fun with it! I plan to buy one for the car and restaurants. She was quick to draw and knew how to clear the art and start over.

She used her left and right hand!?! I'd love a lefty like me, but I think she is more prone to her right hand, especially at meals!

So, we are on an antibiotic daily, Flonase daily to try and prevent runny nose leading to ear infections, saline drops, and a pain drop at night for her ear. We'll be good as new by Monday!
One last thing, have you seen these online or on TV? A sweet reader Megan contacted me since she works for the tour and they were in town. Marcus and I recorded our aha moment yesterday. It was very emotional (Can you imagine a national TV commercial with my sweet husband crying?) as we talked about our journey through infertility and the joy of being parents. We should have our video in about 30 days and I'll be sure to share! In the meantime, we'd love your prayers that our message reaches other couples struggling.


We are the Guerra's! said...

Poor baby! Michael had so many ear infections when he was a kid too that he ended up with tubes as well. And now it's a rare day when he gets ill! Hope Abby Lu feels better soon!

Ms. W said...

I am allergic to amoxicillin. I discovered I was allergic to it when I took a round of antibiotics for strep throat. Here's a picture:

I hope Abby doesn't have to get tubes, but it may be in everyone's interest if she does! Poor baby... and you!

April said...

Poor thing! Little Man is allergic to antibiotics too... a trip to the children's ER on a Sunday night helped us figure it out...
We have been using what was once a while back the antibiotic to use Coloital Silver... the great thing about it is that it only kills the unhealthy bacteria and does't kill the healthy bacteria you need in your digestive tract... The brand we use is Silver Biotics. It has worked wonderfully... we do this with some other homeopathic stuff for ears and things like that and it has worked we haven't needed any thing else. Here is their website:
also you can buy it off of some other sites like, etc.


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